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Osho Quotes on Remembering God

Osho Quotes on Suicide

Osho Quotes on Suicide I know you are bored with life. If you are really bored, then meditation is the way, not suicide — because suicide will bring you to the SAME life, maybe an uglier life than you have...

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Osho Quotes and Sayings Life is a purposeless play, a play of infinite forces — beautiful if you don’t have an achiever’s mind, ugly if you have ambition to become something, to be something, to do something. All beliefs suffocate...

Osho Quotes on Samadhi – Osho Quotes and Insights on Samadhi

In samadhi the ego is dropped. Now you don’t have any limitation, no definition, you are merged with the whole — but merged with the whole in a tremendous awareness. You are not asleep. Worries have disappeared, because worries exist only with the ego. So there are two ways to drop the worries — either become part of a group, or become part of the superconscious plane.