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Osho Quotes Love, for no reason at all, unaddressed to anybody — just a lovingness surrounds you. And when you reach to the very center of your being there is an explosion of immense light, and a fragrance that you...

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Osho Quotes on Wisdom Wisdom consists only of one thing, not of knowing many things but of knowing only one thing: that is your awareness and its separation from the mind. Wisdom is an interior phenomenon. It is the discovery...

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Osho Quotes on Forgiveness Forgiveness simply means you accept the person as he is, you still love him the way he is. Forgiveness means that you don’t judge him, that you are non-judgmental. But ordinarily we think forgiveness means you...

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Osho Quotes on Meditation If tea-drinking can become a meditation, then anything can become a meditation — cooking or washing your clothes, any activity can be transformed into meditation. And the real sannyasin, the real seeker, will transform all his...

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We think we love. And if you think that you love, then there is no possibility for love to happen — because if this is love, then everything is closed. Make fresh efforts. Try to find in the other the real being that is hidden. Don’t take anybody for granted. Every individual is such a mystery that if you go on and on into him it is endless. But we get bored with the other — because just the periphery, and always the periphery.

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Osho Quotes and Sayings If you can bring your consciousness, your awareness, your intelligence to the act, if you can be spontaneous, then there is no need for any other religion, life itself will be the religion. You have to...

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Osho Quotes and Sayings I would like you to be known as separate from the crowds, not by your clothes not by anything outer, but just by your very being — your silence, your peace, your love, your eyes. Every...