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My vision of a right education is to teach people how to grow the ego and how to be able to drop it; how to become great minds and yet be ready any moment to put the mind aside. You should be able to just put your personality, your ego, your mind, on and off, because these are good things if you can use them. But you should know the mechanism, how to put them off. Right now you know only how to put them on.

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Osho Quotes I want every one of my sannyasins to be utterly unique. Sannyas is only a declaration. The work is meditation. In one single word, my religion is complete, and that is meditation. Every man has the potential to...

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Osho Quotes on Fear of Death If you know your real Self you will never be afraid of death-there is no question. Identifying yourself with the body, you become the body. Then you are a mortal. Then there is fear...