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Osho Quotes on Death | Osho Quotes on Death and Dying

When you encounter death, when you see it face to face, when you don’t avoid, when you don’t dodge, when you don’t escape, when you don’t create a cloud around you, when you face it, encounter it, the fact of death, suddenly you become aware that death is life. The deeper you move into death, the deeper you move in life because, Heraclitus says, the opposites meet and mingle, they are one.

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Osho Short Quotes and Sayings The only refuge is the perfection of wisdom, the perfection of meditation. Anybody who becomes a Buddha becomes one through meditation. Take refuge in meditation. Take refuge in nothingness. When you cheat somebody, you are...

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Osho Quotes Look at the fact that desiring creates misery. If you don’t desire, there is no misery. So drop desiring. And don’t create a new desire; simply drop desiring. Don’t create a spiritual desire. Don’t say, `Now I am...

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Osho Quotes on Sacrifice

Osho Quotes on Sacrifice The moment is the most important thing. So whatsoever you are doing at the moment, if you are on the path of love, do it with deep love, as if you are doing it for God....